Peevish's seventeenth performance, May 15, 2003,
The Know, Portland, Oregon.

Steve - recorder
Taylor - electric guitar
This duet transitioned smoothly into a larger group-piece:

Watch Out For A.K.A., However, Because it Has an
Arch Connotation, and Alias is Unfriendly

Taylor - toothbrush, toothpaste, teeth
Steve - squeaky toys
Spencer - synthesizer
Wilson - Starbucks Mocha, Nestle Chocolate Milk
Craig - paper

In Which Sperm
Spencer - harmonica, banjo
Steve - alto saxophone

A Dazzling and Deeply Probing Study of the Relationship Between
Human Consciousness and Behavior

Craig - clarinet
Wilson - synthesizer
Steve - alto saxophone
Taylor - tenor saxophone
Audience - conduction (via cue-cards: stimulus-response organized by Peevish)
From Wilson's notes:
Spencer had printed out some images on colored paper. 
I handed them to the people in the audience (6 cards) and informed them that
them holding up the cards would help direct us.  They participated well so this
piece was really really fun.  You see, each of us had our own reaction (not
discussed with others) to a particular card - the only thing we knew was which
card was ours, and we did not overlap.  One card, a red card just because that
stood out more however corny this might be, was a "stop" card for all of us.
People flashed their cards in interesting intervals and played little games
with us (the couple that had mine and another person's card swtiched cards
once they knew who they were influencing to see if we'd notice, we did but
it was pretty confusing for a second).  The audience was into this, and we
took advantage of an appropriate "stop" card eventually to stay stopped.

Ezra's Digital Bark Cucumber and the Horse She Rode In On
- electric guitar
Craig - clarinet

I Get My Victories Like Ah-Q or Sexy Results
- sneaker, water, metal
Taylor - skateboard
Craig - bicycle
Steve - bicycle
Spencer - bicycle, skateboard

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